The fishing-hunting tours in Tuva (Tyva) that are organized with the Asia travel agency Co Ltd, the fishing tours, the floatable grayling, goldilocks, taimen fishing, the trophy maral, brown bear, musk deer hunting in Tuva (Tyva), Sayan Mountains, the floatable tours along the Yenisei sources, the fishing floating

Рыбалка в Туве

The region of the fishing and hunting tours that are organized by the Asia travel agency Co Ltd is located in the northeast part of Tyva Republic (Tuva) in the mountain system foothills: Eastern Sayan Mountains – Western Sayan Mountains – and the Obruchev ridge that give together the source to many rivers such as the Yenisei river sources that form one of the most picturesque places in Tuva, Todjin Kettle.

The surrounding country is represented by the sparsely populated and hard-to-reach mountain taiga forests. There is no industry around; the clear air with the fresh and pure rivers are all around. The fauna is represented by such fur-bearing animals and birds as sable, mink, Siberian weasel, ermine, glutton, wolf, fox, brown bear, lynx, squirrel, mountain hare, muskrat, elk, Siberian stag, roe, wild boar, musk deer, wood grouse, black grouse, hazel-grouse, upland fowl and water fowl. The rivers are inhabited by taimen, goldilox, grayling, pike, peled, pollan, perch and burbot.

The fishing-hunting tours routs and floating tours are made along the Yenisei river sources: the Hamsara, Taymak, Serlig-Khem, Bii Khem (Big Yenisei), Ka-Khem (Small Yenisei), Kiji Khem, Bediy, Kazas, Chavash rivers; Noyon-Khol, Ak-Atyg-Khol, Choygan-Khol, Kara-Balyk lakes and many other Tuva (Tyva) lakes and rivers..

The objects that attract the tourist-fisherman and hunter interest on the territory of Tuva (Tyva) republic are:
- the fruitful captured brown bear, elk, musk deer, roe, wild boar hunting;
- very interesting trophy Siberian stag roaring hunting;
- pleasant rest and excellent taimen, goldilock and grayling fishing;
- fascinating night fishing – the large active capturing bait taimen angling.

Passengers’ disembarkation and picking up is carried out with the Mi-8 helicopter. The disembarkation with the Zoria motor ship, outboard motorboats and automobile transport is also possible.

The relocation facilities: the fishing floating facilities include the rafts (inflatable floats), catamarans, inflatable scull and motor boats; the hunting facilities include the airline, water, cartage, wheel transport services, snowmobiles and horses.

Accommodation facilities: fishing accommodation facilities include the camping tents, marquees with the antimosquito netting, mobile inflatable bathhouse; the hunting accommodation facilities include the hunting peasant’s log huts with the bathhouse on the territory of the hunting base while the camp setting up includes the camping tents, marquees with the antimosquito netting, mobile inflatable bathhouse; the provision with the bedding, chairs and tables is provided;

The tour provides three meals a day that include main courses and snacks, cooked by a guiding cook.

The safety features include the lire jackets, helmets, mosquito nets, navigation aids, general first aid kit, obligatory insurance against accidents;

Communication facilities are represented by the satellite phone, portable radio station, transport;

Electric power supply includes the electric generator for the charging of camera and video camera batteries, light at the nighttime;

The tourists, fishermen, hunters are accompanied and guided by the experienced guides and huntsmen in the floating and hunting routs.

Tours accessibility. The journeys on Tuva territory, the exclusive floating tours, trophy hunting, elite big taimen, big goldilocks, active grayling fishing as well as the unforgettable rest in Tuva (Tyva) are accessible to the corporative and family groups.

The time of the tours conduct the fishing tours take place in the middle of April to the middle of May and in the middle of June to the end of September; the hunting tours take place within legally established period of the allowed hunting for definite animals’ species.

The tour price includes the following conditions:
a) transfer to Kyzyl city
b) allocation of the transport facilities;
c) accompaniment by the guides and huntsmen;
d) nourishment;
e) allocation, bedding;
f) supply of chairs and tables;
g) bathhouses;
h) supply of the safety aids;
i) bivouacking equipment;
j) electric generator for the charging of the camera and video camera batteries, light at the nighttime;
k) communication facilities that are represented by the satellite telephone, portable radio stations;
l) navigation equipment, echo-sounding device;
m) general first-aid kit;
n) obligatory insurance against the accidents.
The supply of the weapon is also possible.